Pioneers Festival 2012

This year Pioneers fest is taking place at a beautiful Hofburg palace, and the organizing team simply did an amazing job. Event is splited into two parallel sections – Trailblaizers Track i smaller but often more interesting, Startup academy. as I write this on my wordpress blog, Matt Mullenwag is on stage :)

Adam Cheyer, creator of a famous assistant Siri, also managed to excite the audience with his 5 year long predictions speech, about predictions he made five years ago and about new ones for the next five years.

Teams not selected for the main competition had a 90 seconds to pitch on a startup academy. Serbian Loyalster i Interaktivni bukvar took the stage and made a good impression on a crowd. From region we could hear Mate Rimac, visionary on a mission to produce sports electric car in Croatia.

The best session by far was given by Alexander Osterwalder, writer of a great book  – Business Model Generation. Interesting, helpful, interactive. On the other hand, I must say I expected more from Dave McClure, one of the startup world superstars. Fucking this i fucking that but hey, that was more than good enough for some. Maybe that is one part of the topic very much discussed on this event – differences for startups in europe and US.


Winner, in a stiff competition of 850 startups is POIKOS. I wished it was HELIOZ with their WADI product but they are going to have to settle for second place. And now is party time :)

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